Where Science Meets Wellness

Wellcode Life is a scientific wellness company which provides integrated health
transformation programs tailored to individuals’ unique molecular, genetic and
physiological profile. By applying the power of science and health informatics technologies we can predict more accurately what type of lifestyle changes constitutes to your optimal health and well-being.

Discover and Redesign Your Health Future


Technology make it easier to monitor factors that affect your health and wellness. It also helps to overlay results from your assessments to design actionable lifestyle recommendations across nutrition, fitness and lifestyle management.


All our recommendations are based on the latest research in a fields of health and wellness. We apply our proprietary health models and work with best scientists and health care practitioners to design evidence based programme for you.


The behavioural change is a key to a successful health transformation. We empower You to take proactive approach. Our health professionals will support you through each step of your health journey to develop and maintain consistently healthier lifestyle habits.

Three-Step Scientific Approach to Your Wellness


Biochemical and omics- based tests; functional, physiological and psychometrical assessments to give as most accurate measure of your current health status.


Information collected during the Discover stage is integrated and analysed by
qualified health care practitioners. Personalised lifestyle interventions to address your specific health and wellness needs will be designed.


Our wellness coaches and health care practitioners will work with you to implement suggested health transformation programme. We guide and support to ensure sustainable and lasting change across your nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle factors.

Transformation Programmes

Select your Service Level to commence your health journey with us.

Define your current health status and design your health transformation programme

This service level is suitable for health and wellness savvy people. Deepen your knowledge with our cutting edge tests and assessments and design your health transformation programme... (Read More)


Benefit from the support of our health care practitioners to help with the Design and Transformation Stages

This service level will give you an access to one-on -one support from our health care practitioners to further analyse and personalise health programmes for you... (Read More)


To provide you with superior knowledge, personalised advise and support you at each step of your health journey

You will be assigned a personal wellness practitioner who will provide you with support and ensure that your are on track to achieve your goal and objectives ... (Read More)