Transformation Programme Matrix

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DISCOVER Online health assessment Our health questionnaire is an essential first step to gain deeper understanding about your current health status. Our in depth as segment screens your organs and body systems to identify those that are currently under stress and out of balance. We then able to personalised
Based on the answers  objective tests and assessment
Access to cutting edge health tests and assessments Select any additional test that are not included in your initial programme by simply adding them to your Cart
DESIGN Reports and results of your tests and assessments will be send via E-mail You will receive an PDF versions of Report for each tests and assessments.  This will be delivered  via secure e-mail.
Access to personalised online platform to view and track your results You will receive a access to your a personalised digital dashboard where you can review and monitor your blood and GHI Test results.
Skype/ Telephone consultations Our wellness coach will help with a a reading and interpretation of your tests and assessments.
Combined analysis and interpretation of all your test results Our multi-disciplinary team of health care practitioner will review, integrate and interpret your results in order to produce health transformation report
Integrated nutrition, fitness and lifestyle recommendations Personalised intervention plan will be produced detailed on exact individual changes which needs to be done across nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle factors
TRANSFORM Recommendations on the test by test basis We will provide you with practical recommendations and points to improvement areas
Access to online platform to view  the results We provide you with integrated assessment
Support from Wellcode  health coach