Where Science Meets Wellness

Wellcode Life is a scientific wellness company which provides integrated health
transformation programmes tailored to an individual’s unique molecular, genetic and
physiological profile. By applying the power of science with health technologies we can more accurately predict the type of lifestyle changes that will lead you to your optimal health and well-being.
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Most innovative tests and assessments can be accessed and are offered under our health transformation programmes. These technologies help us to define your current health status and to monitor factors that affect your health and wellness. We strive to find and offer you the latest health and wellness assessments.


Proprietary, science based frameworks are used by our practitioners to structure your personalised health misinformation programme. Our multi disciplinary team utilise the latest research in the fields of health and wellness to design and implement evidence based protocol across nutrition, fitness and lifestyle.


We equip you with tools to become the best version of yourself and take a proactive approach to your health. Behavioural changes are key for a successful health transformation and health professionals will educate and support you through each step of your journey. You will be able to develop consistent, healthier, habits and make sustainable change.

Three-Step Scientific Approach to Your Wellness


We use biochemical, multi-omics as well as functional and physiological assessments to accurately determine your current health status and map out future health trajectories. All tests and assessments are personalised to you based on initial system ans symptom analysis.


The information collected during the Discover stage is then integrated and analysed by the team of multi-disciplinary practitioner. It is not only about the numbers of your tests results, we also look for trends and correlations. We then design health transformation protocol with actionable and easy to follow personalised nutrition, exercise and lifestyle recommendations addressed to your specific health and wellness needs.


Our wellness coaches and health care practitioners will work with you to help too implement suggested health transformation programme. We guide and support you ever step on the way to ensure a sustainable and lasting change across your nutrition, fitness and other lifestyle factors.

Transformation Programmes

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Define your current health status and design your health transformation programme

This service level is suitable for people who want to deepen their knowledge about their health with cutting edge tests and assessments and feel empowered to design their future... (Read More)


Advance your knowledge about your current health and future health trajectories

This service level will give you an access to cutting edge tests and support from our health care practitioners to create and guide you through your personalise health programme .. (Read More)


Increase your performance and gain superior knowledge how to extend your health span

Our team of multi disciplinary team will equip you with a personalised advise and support you at each step of your health journey to ensure that your are on track to achieve your goal and objectives ... (Read More)