Immunofrailty Test


This precision medicine blood test detects and tracks chronic inflammatory processes in your body with more precision than currently available medical blood tests. Accurate detection and tracking of chronic inflammatory processes are essential for healthy ageing and disease prevention. It gives you an insight into your health on a molecular level and informs design of anti-inflammatory interventions

We analyse complex glycomics patterns in your blood immune system glycoproteins. This allows us to detect prodromal signals, observed in body fluids occurring in advance of disease symptoms. Test results will give in depth understanding of current inflammatory statuses and insights of “fitness” level of immune system. This test holds potential to be helpful when it comes to detection of chronic health problems at earlier stage and, also be a metric for chronic diseases progression.

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Current medical tests, such as hsCRP and IL 6, cannot measure chronic inflammatory (CI) processes at early disease stages due to interference from acute inflammation.  One of the main underlining reasons for IDs are chronic inflammatory (CI) processes which are very difficult to track without interference from acute inflammatory processes. To use an analogy, chronic inflammation is like the climate – the changes are slow and small and are difficult to measure. Acute inflammation is like bad weather – we can easily measure it when it’s happening. Bad weather masks unfavorable climate change.

The test can be taken even in home setting. A small blood sample is collected from finger prick and get posted back to our labs in Oxford see video here. We will run an analysis and will give you a report to detail your Immunofrailty status as defined by glycomics indices. 

When regularly taken it also offers a useful quantitative insight in trajectories of inflammatory disease progression and/or repair on molecular level. With chronic inflammation being a key factor in almost all chronic degenerative diseases and ageing, early and accurate detecting of inflammatory process is essential for healthy ageing and disease prevention.


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